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The Personalized Experience

The Personal Experience is an unique individualized experience that grants the customer access to the keen designing abilities of Sweet Chocolate Pours Studios up close, and in person. Get assistance with the execution of your artistic vision and join your journey to Sweet Chocolate Pours.

Image by Adrien Olichon

Sightings and Showcases

Find Sweet Chocolate Pours in your City

Sightings and Showcases will provide exciting opportunities for you to see, touch and experience Sweet Chocolate Pours art in person. Check this section for upcoming sightings and gallery showcases.


I will be a featured artist on Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 400 Capital Mall Sacramento, CA 10am to 2:00pm.  All original, never seen before new pieces will be offered for purchase.  You, and I will have an opportunity to meet in person. Come and enjoy!  This is a private limited event so you must RSVP in order to attend .  RSVP https://


Pieces by Commission

Limited Availability Upon Request

Consultations by appointment only. Contact Sweet Chocolate Pours via email for further information.

Image by Timothy Buck

Mix Media Packages

Artists' Pick

At Sweet Chocolate Pours we know finding that perfect piece of artwork isn’t always easy to imagine. A well decorated space can be thoroughly life-changing. It can make dinner parties more elegant, children happier, relaxation come easier, and conversations more intimate. The composition of all the pieces must follow a prominent theme to successfully make them feel a part of a larger whole.

With the “Mixed Media Package”, let Sweet Chocolate Pours herself fashion a package of different mediums that serve your unique space. You will have the choice of a combination of porcelain, glass, tile and canvas piece combinations.

Consultations and quotes by appointment only.

The Personal Experience : Our Services
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