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Image by Kelly Sikkema

The Story of Sweet Chocolate Pours

Sweet Chocolate Pours is an art initiative whose vibrant forms reflect its own extraordinary path into existence.

For 60 years, the art I aimed to produce came in the forms of well made spreadsheets, project launches and helping my children build their makeshift models for school. It was all very fulfilling; but ironically I personally revered the concrete, not the expressive.  

I admired the creative abilities of artists around me but I took joy in the well-planned, the well placed and the fully controlled. Making art was the last thing I would have ever aspired to do.

That is until March 17th, 2018 - the day "the expressive" captivated me; and the dormant artist in me stood up, and aweingly, had something to say. A lot to say! After my creative abilities were teased, I had a constant need to paint; just for the sake of seeing what would come out of me next!

Sweet Chocolate Pours is an art producing studio, ready to invite you into your own experience with these organic plains of poured paint. But, it is also an enterprise that aims to duplicate experiences such as my own, by partnering with a non-profit organization I plan to create called "In The Middle".

"In The Middle" will be an organization that assists families and students that lack the resources needed to access these special opportunities.

If you are parents or caretakers of highly intelligent or gifted children like I was, but cannot always fund those pivotal experiences that could ignite their potential, In The Middle will be a resource to help fund these essential adventures. Because like I learned, the moment that catalyzes a person's potential may only be a paint drop  away. Thus, a portion of every purchase made here at Sweet Chocolate Pours Studio will be invested into another person’s potential. 

Welcome to Sweet Chocolate Pours

To learn more about how to fund or partner with In The Middle Incorporated, feel free to contact Sweet Chocolate Pours Studio at

The Story: About Our Store

"Pouring for the Sake of the Pour"

- Sweet Chocolate Pours

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